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Our portable water softener washBOX® is now also available in north-east Catalonia

Eva-Maria Risse

November 18, 2023

We are pleased to announce our new co-operation partner Nautica Colomi in Girona | Spain.

Nautica Colomi offers various services for your yacht or boat needs:
Winterisation and accommodation
Maintenance and repairs
Sale of boats
Nautical financing
Nautical advice and insurance
And other services:
Trailer parking
Boat and bicycle hire

And an online shop where you can find various nautical articles, including our washBOX® :
The electronic washBOX® is the lightest portable water softener.
The 3/4″ size weighs only 3.25 kg, and the 1/2″ only 3.1 kg
– It requires neither salts nor chemical substances
– It is robust and floats if it goes overboard
– The best news is that it is maintenance-free!
Nautic Colomi
Girona | Spain

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