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Introducing washBOX® 

Anti-limescale system

portable – without salts and chemicals – maintenance free

What does the washBOX® do?

washBOX® changes the shape of the lime crystals into microscopic smooth crystal sticks by environmentally friendly, physical treatment.

These new shaped crystals can no longer stick together and do not form hard lime deposits. These reshaped crystals can no longer adhere and form hard limescale deposits.
The water is softer, the saponification is stronger, so the Detergents can be reduced by up to 50%.

WashBOX ® is the portable and ecological water softener for you.
Wash your Bike, Boat, Car, Caravan, Classic or Yacht with it – no more streaks and polishing – thanks to our mobile anti scale system!
Completely eco-friendly, durable, floatable, “Plug&Clean” also 100 % waterproof!


No more hard water in the harbour. Just plug in and wash your yacht with softened water anywhere in the world.


No more excessive polishing of your car after the wash. Streak free and ready to ride, soft water saves you time and money.


Lime heavy water  can be a problem anywhere in the world. Softening it will result in streak free windows.


Being on the go, you depend on external water sources. washBOX® makes sure you use softened, more healthy water.


Even smaller boats can benefit form a soft water wash. Rinse down your deck withour any lime residue.


Not having to polish your van or bus is possible with softer water. NO lime scale residue, less work, less soap, less water!

Technical Specifications


We designed the case to be the smallest in size, yet have the maximum in performance.

Electronic Anti-scale System
• Made in Germany
• Electricity with Transformer:
washBOX with 24 Volt | 4,3 Watt
washBOX with36 Volt | 2,0 Watt

Size: 41.8 x 29.5 x 17 cm | 164.1 x 116.1 x 6.7 inches
Click and Play: external thread galvanized stainless steel, for standard hose connections:
-3/4″ water connection | approx. 3000L/h – 36V/2.0W
-1/2″ water connection | approx. 1500L/h – 24 V/4.3 W
‍-Optional cable connection: 110 V or 220 V

Housing of the washBOX®
• Manufactured in Germany
• stable, dustproof, waterproof according to IP67
• temperature-resistant from -30°C to +80°C
• material polypropylene (PP)
• certified acc STANAG 4280 EF STAN 81-41+ ATA 300

sunny yellow or classic black

washBOX 24 V – 3100 g
washBOX 36 V – 3250 g

Electrical connection:
220V with standard EU plug / 2.5 m cable
Function display: control diode

Certificates: CE, TÜV-NORD, RoHS, EMV

washBOX® flyer: download here



Why should I buy washBOX® ?

The longevity of our washBOX® is of particular importance to us, obviously besides the efficiency and eco-friendlyness. We guarantee the quality of our product.
Our sturdy washBOX® is waterproof and if it goes overboard, it will float, making it easier to retrieve.

For the 36 Volt Impulse Technology we use a proven anti-lime system.
It works reliably and efficiently.
You will be amazed by the simplicity of handling our washBOX®!
100 % maintanance free

How do I use the washBOX® ?

How do I use the washBOX® ?
1) Water connection:
The effect of washBOX is the better the longer the water hose is after the washBOX®, before the box, the length does not matter.
2) Electrical connection: 220Volt

And then you are set:
=> the water is softer, the saponification is stronger, therefore the detergents can be reduced up to 50%.

What to do if the source water is dirty?

If you have water which is full of sediments or not really cean, we recommend to use a water filter.
=> remove existing lime desposits first.
=> if the water is very dirty, a sediment pre-filter should be used like our new Pre-filters

What to do if the water preassure is more than 1.5 bar?

Please note when using the washBOX®:
I the water pressure is higher than 1.5 bar, a pressure reducer should be used in front of the washBOX® which should be set to 1.5 bar.
The water will then flow more slowly through the washBOX® and you will achieve the best result.

Is there a the warranty?

Yes. The washBOX® has a warranty of 2 years. It is sealed for this warranty period.
Damage caused by improper or violent use is NOT covered by the warranty.

Where can I buy the washBOX®?

washBOX® is available online here
Please fill out the form below and we will sent you more info + pricing of the washBOX®
or visit us in our store at

Aguaris s.l.
Calle Pons i Gallarza 86
07004 PALMA
Islas Baleares

washBOX® Office
Office Hours:
Mo-Fr 9:30 – 17:00
Or with appointment


It saves money

Using the WashBOX® the water becomes softer, the saponification is stronger, therefore the detergents can be reduced up to 50 %.
Washing with washBOX® is easier and faster! And you save money on detergents – helping the environment.

Highly Efficient

A capacity of 3000 liters per hour, gives the washBOX® an efficiecy, which leaves you with an anti lime scale effect on any surface – hence less polishing.

100% environmentally safe!

No salts or any other chemicals are being used in our product.
Due to this fact, there is no filter changes, no garbage and you will use less detergent.

Portable and handy

‍We designed the box to be small, portable and lightweight.
Cost and space efficiency at it´s best.

Is there a manual?

The use of the WashBOX® is really easy, but in case you have any queries, read through the manual or contact us.

Positive Reviews

We have many happy clients, who highly recommend us.
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